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Growing up in Knoll County wasn't easy, especially without any childhood memories. Truly spent her whole life searching for the answers her mind refused to reveal. There might have been horrors in her past, but her current existence wasn't much better than a nightmare itself. After beginning treatments with a new doctor, disturbing visions began to resurface. The stench of death surrounded her, but where exactly was it coming from?

Jeff always knew he wanted to be one of Knoll County's finest and had no problem achieving that dream. A part of his ambition stemmed from the death of a classmate at the tender age of nine. It might have been ruled an accident, but his gut told him otherwise. When people start turning up dead in the same pattern, Jeff will be forced to put everything on the line to connect the dots between past and present. But in doing so, will his own future be jeopardized?

Truly Unfortunate is a dark paranormal thriller that will leave readers with chills after answering the question: Which is stronger... the boundaries of reality or the safety of one's own mind?

Although there are no explicit or graphic scenes contained in this story, some of the subject matter may be considered more suitable for mature audience.

serendipity's debt

Money might be considered the root of all evil, but some coins take things to the next level.

All Serendipity's life, she adhered to her parents' rule of not using the magic attached to a strange coin that hung on the wall. They're gone now and she is left facing the worst day of her life. It's hard to deny any help that is readily available, especially when a little luck can go a long way.

Jeff always knew he wanted to be one of Knoll County's finest and had no problem achieving that dream. What he never expected was to be part of a top secret paranormal investigation team. Supernatural or not, he isn't about to ignore his latest gut feelings telling him something isn't right in Knollville.

They'll soon learn luck, like a coin, has two sides, only one of which is good...

hope after death

Silence. It was either the end of the department, or the calm before the storm—which was anyone's guess. Without even a kitty to save from a tree, the paranormal investigation team had nothing to do but pace.

Somewhere in Knollville's supernatural past were the answers. Jeff's gut demanded he make sure Armageddon wasn't lurking around the corner. No one living seemed to remember anything useful, though. That made it the perfect evening for a late-night picnic in the local cemetery. The only ones who knew about the area's history were buried there—secrets along with them.

If things went as planned, it would be the first ghost interrogation on record. If not, they were taking the chance that any or all of them might end up with a new eternal home, dug exactly six feet under ground level.

from alice to malice

A girl named Alice fell in a hole. Someone, or something, else crawled back out.

That was the extent of the missing person's report. It certainly wasn't much to go on, especially since the person who filed the complaint was the one who couldn't be found. Jeff's gut was insistent—there was more to this fairy tale case than met the eye—then again, perhaps it was merely time for a ham sandwich.


Is this latest incident paranormal, or another mind game? Cozy up, in your special reading spot, with a copy of From Alice To Malice, and decide for yourself!

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