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The prophecies are being rewritten. This time someone is using the seven deadly sins: Lust; Gluttony; Greed; Sloth; Wrath; Envy; and Pride, to unlock an ancient evil. The book falls into Jade's hands to answer destiny's call. Can she survive the sins?

Surviving The Sins





No one is safe when a witch's pride is at stake.Prudance is back in Pewterclaw and she isn't about to give up her prestigious status without a fight - especially not because of vampires. As an eighth generation witch, she plans to do whatever it takes to stop the proposed new legislation from become law, including waking the dead for help.Humility isn't in her vocabulary. With an ego spinning out of control and ancestral power at her fingertips, Prudance weaves a plot to keep Jade and Gavin separated. Will it be enough to satisfy the spirits she summoned?When her pride costs more than she bargained for, someone has to pay the tab - but who will it be?


What Mother doesn't know won't hurt her.

Lucinda has spent her entire life running The Organization and looking after Mother's needs without complaint. That's about to change. A burning desire had manifested inside her - one she could no longer deny... Lust. When Constable Safron Black shows up unexpected with news of an imprisoned God, Lucinda unravels. With power fueling her passion, she'll do anything to make Morynx her mate.


Jade and her friends find themselves at a standstill. They have already failed to stop Pride from completing its task and they haven't located any victims for the other six sins. A strange fire in the municipal office puts them hot on the trail of what could be answers. Will they be in time to stop the dial from moving and further opening the way for Morynx?


Zoe never claimed to be the virtuous type; her lack of patience was proof of that. The transition from princess to barmaid never sat well with her. Without a wand, however, there was little she could do to change things.In one fleeting moment, her universe was turned upside down. The answer to all her problems was staring her in the face from within her brother's grasp. With control of one tiny vial, she would have her cake and everyone else's too. Turning her back on family was a small price to pay in comparison.Joseph mentioned once that being a glutton didn't suit her. With an abundance of newfound power, she intended to prove him wrong.


Drakondia only ever loved one person. Mother and the rest of the brood might have given up on Lucinda, but she certainly wasn't about to. There was only one route to follow, leading straight to the heart of Pewterclaw. Safron Black held the key to solving the mysterious disappearance. Faced with an option of death, he was bound to squeal louder than a piglet on slaughter day. If he didn't, dwindling hope would give way to vigilante justice.

WRATH was about to be unleashed on the magical city. Will Jade and her friends weather the incoming storm or allow the sheer nature of anger to blindside them all?


With Kasper's excavation team missing, the camp needs to connect with Pewterclaw. Naomi is not only the perfect choice for the task, but a willing candidate as well. No one suspects her ulterior motives for volunteering. Reclaiming her man is the sole job she plans to complete.

Meanwhile in Pewterclaw, the mayor's office is struggling with a staffing issue and heat crisis at the same time. On top of that, Jade's circle of friends has thinned, leaving her vulnerable. With the next attack imminent, and the advantage leaning to the enemy's side, this is one game she'd be better off sitting out.

The next Sin is on the move. Whoever is pulling the strings is sending this one in for the kill. Can Envy get the job done?


In this seventh in the series, Morynx's plot begins to unravel, revealing secrets only hinted at before.

Saying things were bleak was an understatement. The growing mass of darkness pushing up from Morynx's lair was beginning to affect magic, including the use of portals. Without the help of Shelby and Lasel, there was no way to send an S.O.S. to the guardian homeworld.


The search to find the avian guardians leads Jade and Simon straight into a maze of insanity. Whoever set the trap has no intentions of allowing anyone to leave. There is a bright side to their new-found confinement—it brings with it new insights into the vampire god's plans. Too bad information is only useful if they can manage to escape.


The final Sin is on the move. Don't miss the epic conclusion to the Surviving The Sins Series.
It's winner take all!

It’s obvious Greed is lurking about, waiting for the opportune moment to show its true colours. As the last to report in, this puppet master is sure to have an impact on the outcome of the war, one way or another. That doesn't mean Jade is waiting for the final sin to make its appearance—the decision has been made—she's taking the fight to Morynx.
When the dust settles, not everyone will be left standing. It's been the question from the start—finally, there will be an answer:

Who, if anyone, will survive the sins?

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