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The only reality that matters is the one believed in and that can change in the blink of an eye… or a glance in the mirror.

Shattered Reality is a fantasy retelling of the ancient mythological tale of Perseus and Medusa set in modern times.

Damned Near Perfect ebook.jpg
Damned near perfect

6 friends since childhood
6 heartbreaks
6 wishes for the perfect man

He was everything they wanted, but more than they bargained for.

Moonlight masquerade

A small town’s secret.
An ancient curse.
A midnight masquerade to die for.

At the stroke of midnight, the girl in the pretty dress will be running away, but not from turning into a pumpkin. This fairy tale’s prince isn’t what he seems. If he reverts to his true self, there will be hell to pay.

Moonlight Masquerade is a tale of magic, monsters, marvels, and miracles, set in modern times.

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