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Sinners & Saints

Sometimes it takes a Saint to love a Sinner.

There’s something for everyone in this this collection of 15+ romance stories from today’s USA Today bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors. From reluctant billionaires to displaced gods, century old vampires to young lovers just about to graduate high-school, love strikes where it will, and who’s to say a Sinner is any less deserving of happiness than a Saint? Let us tempt you to take a walk on the wild side, unleash a little bit of the sinner inside you to find that romance you’ve always been waiting for.

It’s just one click away to decide if are you a Sinner or a Saint?

$0.99 on all platforms!

Shaunna Rodriguez

MA Abraham

Tricia Daniels

Hannah Earl

AnnaMarie Gardner

Deborah Garland

Madison Granger

BK Harrell

Angelina Kerner

CA King

Darlene Kuncytes

Megan Kuykendall

Andi Lawrencovna

Didi Oviatt

Crystal StClair

SE Winters


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