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Runes and Rituals

The spell has been cast and the runes have spoken… Rituals & Runes, a collection of magical paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales is coming fall 2022!!! Dive into 25+ stories from the hottest bestselling authors featuring all your favorites! Shifters, vamps, angels, demons, and more are waiting for you in this wicked collection.

The Devil's Daughter

Ghost Hunters had it wrong.

The Johnson brothers were living in the limelight, seeking out proof of the paranormal in front of the public eye. Fame, fortune, and success came hand-in-hand with evidence. Answers were worth their weight in gold. The trio had no idea they were asking all the wrong questions... until she appeared.

Pretty dresses and jewels meant nothing when all she wanted was respect. The moment Vallenna spiraled down a black hole, life turned upside down. It was the chance she’d been waiting her whole life for.

Born to rule two realms, but accepted by neither, the devil’s daughter is determined to leave her mark on both. Can the brothers stop her diabolical plans with only charisma and raw animal magnetism at their disposal?

Grab your copy NOW!


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