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Just In Time For The Holidays

Call it an allergy or a family curse, either way it boiled down to the same problem: Julietta Romero couldn’t go within six feet of mistletoe.

Forty-eight weeks, from January to the beginning of December, were spent filling the position as a top executive at a prestigious marketing firm—a five-year running record without a single incident. As long as she continued taking all her vacation hours all at the same time, nothing would change. Then, the worst scenario happened: with only a handful of days left before her flight, she found herself working round the clock on the firm’s biggest deal yet, and her boss wasn’t letting her leave until it was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Luke Winslow was in love with women, parties, and the holidays, and not necessarily in that order. Taking over one of his father’s companies didn’t fit into any of his plans, nor did a relationship that lasted longer than a roll in the sheets. There wasn’t a single person who had made him want to settle down and be serious, that was until she fell into his arms... several times. Now, he’ll do anything possible to stop her from escaping his charms, including holding off putting his John Hancock on the business deal his father instructed him to close.

It’s up to the magic of the season to bring this unlikely couple together with a little help from a pair of High Heels and Mistletoe.

My Book is also a part of…. KISSES UNDER THE MISTLETOE!!!!

Read 9 holiday full length stories from 9 of your favorite authors in this fantastic holiday collection. Each book is a standalone and sold separately by each individual author. Follow their amazing characters as they find their true love under the Mistletoe. Some tales are steamy hot, others naughty sweet, but oh…they are all soooo good!


🎁 Tara L. Ames* SEAL Unwrapped

🎁Alyssa Drake* Mistletoe Hopes

🎁Bella Emy* Fighting For Us

🎁C. A. King* High Heels And Mistletoe

🎁Shannyn Leah* My Big Fat Fake Mistletoe Kiss

🎁Erin Lee* Crazy For Christmas

🎁Ellie Masters Hawke Christmas In Paradise

🎁Samantha Morgan* Santa’s Letter

🎁Victoria Pinder* A Scot For Christmas

*USA Today Bestselling Authors

All of these authors are highly talented and super amazing!!!


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