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🎄🎄Kisses Under The Mistletoe🎄🎄

Read 11 holiday full length stories from eleven (11) of your favorite authors in this fantastic holiday collection. Each book is a standalone and sold separately by each individual author. Follow their amazing characters as they find their true love under the Mistletoe. Some tales are steamy hot, others naughty sweet, but oh…they are all soooo good!

Pre-order your copies on 09/01/2020. Each book is a standalone with a release date of November 1, 2020 and FEATURES THE FOLLOWING AUTHORS:

🎄Tara L. Ames*

🎄Lexi Buchanan**

🎄Alyssa Drake*

🎄Bella Emy*

🎄C. A. King*

🎄Shannyn Leah*

🎄Erin Lee*

🎄Ellie Masters

🎄Samantha Morgan*

🎄Victoria Pinder*

🎄A.C. Williams ​*USA Today Bestselling Authors/**NYT Author

All of them are highly talented and super amazing!!

Learn more about these authors:

🎄🎄Cover Reveals 8/1-8/11🎄🎄

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