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The Best Gifts to Give An Author

It's that time of year again. People are bustling about, searching for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Most people don't realize Authors are probably some of the easiest to cross off.

While a pen, notebook, and mug are nice to receive, most writers already have an overflowing abundance of them. What many authors really want is much easier to give.

1. Buy their books. Forget the sugarplums, waking up to a bestseller tag on Christmas morning is exactly what every author dreams of. Every copy sold works toward that goal.

2. Leave reviews for books you have read. This costs nothing but a few minutes of your time and will brighten an author's day more than you could ever imagine.

3. Recommend their books to others. Share social media posts, suggest a book to a friend, ask libraries for copies of their book, ask the local book clubs to read a particular novel, or stop by your local bookstore to request they stock paperback.

4. Give their books as gifts.

Remember what every Author really wants is to be discovered. All of the above will help immensely. Every little bit makes a huge difference.

Most Indie authors are earning under 5k a year. A boost in December sales goes a long way toward keeping them writing in the new year.

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