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Book Review: Embellished by Karen Glista

I have gone back and forth between a four and five rating for hours now. I'm going with 4.5 on this one. I like the ideas, the writing and the characters. That is almost everything about the book! It's the warning I have to add to the Novel that's giving me an issue. Although, I understand why the incident happens, I wish Glista had found a different way to further the plot. Warning: Teen Suicide. LITRPG is a growing genre that I find fascinating. The plot in these stories is, in some way, infused with a role playing video game. In this case, the main characters are sucked into the game during a storm. I absolutely adore the fact that humans are cured of all illness when they enter the game. What a wonderful thing that would be if it were true. Those paralyzed could walk again - those with a terminal illness given a second chance at life. Like most stories, there were a few things I would have changed - Bekka's apparent indifference to her situation at times being the main issue. The same can be said for any series I read though. There is always something I would do just a little differently. I am looking forward to the second book in the series. 4.5/5 stars.

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