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Book Review: The Fifth Wheel by L.S. Fellows

The Fifth Wheel by L.S. Fellows

How often do Individuals pay attention to the disability rather than the person? What damage does that do? Those are two of the questions asked by Fellows in this Short story. Fern's life changed drastically after an accident left her unable to walk. She is a strong Female lead, who I enjoyed reading about. Her character harbours a certain amount of resentment, not necessarily because of her disability, but more towards the way others treat her now. It's no surprise when a scrumptious hunk of a waiter shows interest, it makes her a bit giddy. Drunk on attention, she trusts too easily. When she goes missing, its up to a group of girls who just met Fern to figure out what happened. A great mystery, although at times perhaps a bit dry. A great read on a rainy afternoon. 4/5 stars!

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