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Book Review: More Things In Heaven And Earth by E.A. Comiskey|

Comiskey must have used the feather from an Angel's wings as a quill when writing this Paranormal Fantasy. The flow of the words are that smooth.

God never give us more than we can handle. That phrase has been coined by many people over the years. Comiskey gives it new meaning in this novel. Simone, the main character hears voices all around her and always has. She soon learns those voices are real and coming from from beyond her realm. Because of her rare ability to hear, she is chosen as a "word of God" prophet. Her job is to save not only this world but all worlds created by That Which Is. Comiskey brings a thought-provoking, fresh look at religious battles between Angels and Demons .Apathy in this version is a demon worshipped as a god by a vast majority of the creatures this world knows of as myths and legends. I enjoyed the underlying message. It is very true - we don't always open our eyes. If we did we might see the rut of indifference man has succumbed to. This novel is not a light read, however. There is a lot of information to take in and process. Readers will need a quiet time with no distractions to fully grasp everything. I do have to mention that this is a highly religious piece of work and may not be for everyone.

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