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A tribute to three amazing stars. Part Two ~ Amanda Bearse

As an indie author, I attend various events throughout the year. Library readings, book festivals and comiccons are part of my life. While I enjoy all of them, comiccons are usually my favourite. There is a certain sense of fun that attaches to the vivid cosplay costumes and line-up of attending stars. In the past, I have had brief moments in which I spoke to certain celebrities, but nothing more than small chatter. I should mention Paul Kenny (Canadian Storage Wars) did take a couple of my swag trees to plant from Niagara Falls Comiccon. Hamilton Comiccon was different - the air was much more relaxed. I knew heading there that three celebrities who had impacted my life were attending, but I never imagined I would actually have the chance to meet and talk to them or that they would take home a copy of my book. Amanda Bearse Who doesn't love Marcy from Married With Children? Although, I have to admit, my personal favourite, was her role in Fright Night (1985). Now, she is a film produce & director and let's not forget she teaches a film course in Seattle as well. Within moments of being in her presence, I could feel what an amazing soul she has - it literally shines that bright. Her passion to help others is refreshing and beautiful. If you have a chance to meet her - don't miss it!

The fact that she took home two of my books (one for her daughter), was icing on the cake. Saturday night I didn't sleep a wink - I was far too giddy from the day.

Being a part of the community is important to me. I try to raise a much money as possible for charities. Even though I'm not a big star, every little bit helps. The Brantford Advocacy Transgender Alliance (BATA) is one of the charities I support. Amanda Bearse kindly donated two signed pictures to my assistant for the day (and good friend) Finn Cole to auction-off. I can't thank her enough for her generosity. Hamilton Comiccon 2016 will go down as my best experience as an author. The fact that all three of these stars have a copy of my book, whether they read it or not, is a feeling I can't begin to describe. One last time, Thank you all for making my life a little more special. The world could use a few more people like these three!

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