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A tribute to three amazing stars. Part Three ~ Denise Crosby

As an indie author, I attend various events throughout the year. Library readings, book festivals and comiccons are part of my life. While I enjoy all of them, comiccons are usually my favourite. There is a certain sense of fun that attaches to the vivid cosplay costumes and line-up of attending stars. In the past, I have had brief moments in which I spoke to certain celebrities, but nothing more than small chatter. I should mention Paul Kenny (Canadian Storage Wars) did take a couple of my swag trees to plant from Niagara Falls Comiccon. Hamilton Comiccon was different - the air was much more relaxed. I knew heading there that three celebrities who had impacted my life were attending, but I never imagined I would actually have the chance to meet and talk to them or that they would take home a copy of my book. Denise Crosby Star Trek was a part of growing-up that I will always cherish. My family would sit around the television and watch every episode, faithfully. When Star Trek The Next Generation premiered, it quickly became our favourite. While my mother loved Captain Picard, I found a connection with the character Tasha Yar. Of course, as a horror movie buff, I have to mention her role in Pet Sematary as well. The movie came out during the height of my Stephen King addiction and I have owned a copy ever since. Meeting Denise Crosby brought back all the warm fuzzy feelings I had during some of the best family moments of my life. With both my parents gone now, I want to thank her for being a part of those special times and bringing the memories back at Hamilton Comiccon. This was a wow moment I will never forget. Hamilton Comiccon 2016 will go down as my best experience as an author. The fact that all three of these stars have a copy of my book, whether they read it or not, is a feeling I can't begin to describe. One last time, Thank you all for making my life a little more special. The world could use a few more people like these three!

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