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Summer Splash Book Blog Tour ~ Author Interview ~ Anna Kringle

Make your Summer Reading SIZZLE with these hot reads from fresh new authors! This week's featured author is Anna Kringle

Anna is a bubbly fairy princess from a small country town far, far away. Raised around rednecks and obsessively muddy trucks, She was faced with a strange need to fill empty paper with words. So she decided she might as well write stories. With the help of her friendly mice and other neighborhood animals, she has worked very hard to make this hobby a profession, and hopes to make the world a bright and colorful place through her works.

Anna discovers new stories in between slaying dragons and leading the children of her realm on a musical revolt against normality. You can reach Anna at: Carol Ann: What genre would you say the book falls into? Anna: This is very much a swashbuckling Steampunk Adventure. You could probably classify this as New adult fiction, but I try to keep my plots interesting to everyone. Carol Ann: Are there any trigger warnings and/or explicit content readers should know about? Anna: There are a few expletives and lewd comments from the less reputable pirates, but Captain Ithaca runs a rather clean ship. Carol Ann: What is your favourite Quote? Anna: "And Captain?” She looked at him solicitously. “Are you sure you don't want the coffeemaker?” Carol Ann: What advice do you have for new writers? Anna: Do it now, or you never will. It's so easy to wait, to keep researching, keep thinking, but at the end of the day, you just have to take the leap. You got this! Carol Ann: Where do you write? Anna: Mostly at home these days. I have a comfy little crook in the couch where I sit with my computer and a cup of coffee (or tea) and plug away until amazingness appears on my screen. Carol Ann: Are your characters real to you? Do you speak to them? Anna: My characters are very complex individuals, and I love them dearly. I wouldn't say we converse often, but they definitely have minds of their own. Carol Ann: What piece of advice from other authors do you hear the most but choose to ignore? Anna: “Believe in your dreams” is probably the one I'm most tired of. Not because it's bad, but because it's overstated, and doesn't express all the work and effort we put into creating. Dreams are great, but goals are even better. Carol Ann: Which do you prefer Novels or Novellas and why? Anna: It depends entirely on the story. I don't get too hung up on how long a story is, so long as it's told well and is compelling. Carol Ann: Are there any Easter eggs in your book(s)? Anna: Oooh, no... But that's a fabulous idea! (scribbling note to self) Carol Ann: What's your favourite food? Have you ever mentioned it in your book(s)? Anna: My favorite food is, without doubt, strawberries. I haven't worked them into a story yet, but I do have a character who loves Marshmallow cubes. Carol Ann: Do you have a writing Motto? Anna: My mother's mantra for me is “Don't be a Prima Dona; Just write!” The other I struggle with is “Show, don't tell.” Carol Ann: If you could change the date to any year past or future, what date would you change it to and why? Anna: I don't think I would. Fun as it is to think back and forward, I believe in doing what you can, where you're at, with what you have. Waiting for life to be different/perfect/better leaves you twiddling your thumbs for a long time. Thank you Anna Kringle for taking the time to answer my questions.

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