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Author Interview ~ Ashley Marie Nestler

Ashley Nestler is a young adult author from Denver, CO. Her first book, "Beautiful Nightmare" was published during her senior year in high school and her second novel "Into The Fog" was published during her first year of college. She is an active author and college student going to school for social work. Writing is her biggest passion and her best method for sending messages out into the world that she feels needs to be heard. You can also find her at her blog, where she posts reviews of books as well as writing and publishing tips. Go Indie Box Subscription ~ A new way to buy books. (taken directly from the website): "Changing the Literary World by Storm!" Enjoy our all encompassing 4-D book experience box each month, and give yourself a mental vacation! What if you could taste, feel, hear, smell and see the story in the books that you read? Well, now you can with Go Indie Now! This is a box meant to bring you a mental vacation by giving you items to allow you to feel, hear, see, taste, and smell the book(s) chosen each month. We also only include indie novels (independently published novels) to bring you new authors and stories you have never seen before. By subscribing to this box you are joining the movement to make indie books seen, while also broadening your own horizons by trying out new genres and authors. Our box brings you a book experience that encompasses all senses to bring you a one of a kind adventure, and once you jump in you will never go back. Sign up and join the movement today, while also giving yourself a much needed mental vacation! Go Indie Now! Subscription Website Beautiful Nightmare What if the one you love is only present in your dreams? In the dystopian town of Lunamoon, everything is structured. Humans are created by science and everyone is programmed to follow certain regulations. But one girl, Shawneleigh, never lived up to the Council’s regulations. Shawneleigh has the disorder of narcolepsy, a disorder that causes her to fall asleep at random times without warning. Because of her illness, the Council banned her to life in a hospital since she cannot be counted on fulfill other duties. Lunamoonians all receive prophecies for their individual lives through dreams that the Dream Maker sends to them on a continual basis, but Shawneleigh hadn’t received a dream in years until she found herself falling into a dream during her sleeping spells where she meets a man named August, who claims to be the Dream Maker himself. He also lives in solitude and they begin to form a bond. However, Shawneleigh cannot control when she falls asleep and will meet August in her dreams, but he finds a way to manipulate her sleep so that she will visit him more. The only problem is that when she does this, she continues to grow sicker. “Beautiful Nightmare: Some Dreams Become Your Reality” is novel about love, life, and the importance of those who care about you. This is a novel that will leave you changed. Into The Fog A murder, a choice, and an eternal destiny. Welcome to the untold story of sixteenth century England. Darielle couldn't be happier and more in love with her fiancé, Prince Tarum, until the eve of their wedding announcement when Tarum is murdered. Following the tragedy, Darielle is thrown into a life filled with despair as strangers enter the Tower and change her way of life. However, she begins to find herself drawn to Harlisisle, the new guard for Queen Estelle. Something about him makes her feel as though she has known him before. This attraction ends up unraveling past events in her life that she had long forgotten, and she soon discovers the true circumstances surrounding Tarum’s murder. The truth makes her question the love that she once had for people that she thought she knew. 'Into The Fog' is a roller coaster ride of historical romance and fantasy elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat and asking only one question: 'What if death isn't an ending, but a beginning?'" Amazon Author Page / Goodreads / Facebook I had the opportunity to ask Ashley Marie Nestler a few questions about her books this week. Carol Ann: What genre would you say the book falls into? Ashley: My books fall into the young adult fantasy category. “Beautiful Nightmare” is dystopian fantasy and “Into The Fog” is a historical fantasy. Carol Ann: Are there any trigger warnings and/or explicit content readers should know about? Ashley: Neither of my novels are explicit. They are written for general audiences. Carol Ann: Do you have any upcoming events? Ashley: In August 2016 I will be releasing the special edition of “Beautiful Nightmare”, which will include an updated story as well as fan art, character profiles, and insights from me. The special edition of “Into The Fog” will be releasing in April 2017 with an updated story, fan art, character profiles, a character map, and insights by me. Carol Ann: What is next for you? Do you have anything in the works? Ashley: I am currently working on publishing my third novel, which will be literary fiction and won’t be young adult. It will involve sensitive matter, and I am not allowed to discuss it quite yet, but it will be published under a penname for safety reasons. However, I am putting a lot of my time and effort into my book review blog, Peachy Keen Book Reviews, and the monthly book subscription that I created “Go Indie Now!” that focuses on helping authors get their work out to readers. Carol Ann: Do you have any special mentions? (Editor, cover art etc...) Ashley: My first cover for “Beautiful Nightmare” was created by the wonderful art team at the Stratregic Book Rights and Publishing Agency, who first published it, but the new cover for the special edition and the new cover for “Into The Fog” I purchased from They are an amazing database of independent artists, and once you buy your covers they are never sold again. Carol Ann: What was your favourite book when you were growing up? Ashley: My favorite book growing up was “The Pact” by Jodi Picoult, and it still is. That book just moved me more than any other book that I have ever read. Carol Ann: If you could meet any character from any book, who would it be? Why? Ashley: If I could meet any character from any book, it would be Peter Pan. Peter Pan is my favorite character of all time and I would love to meet him, because I would want him to remind me to always have fun and never lose that childlike wonder. Carol Ann: When did you realize you were meant to be a writer? Ashley: I have been writing ever since I was five years old, but the first time I truly realized I was meant to be a writer was when I would spend recess in elementary school in the libraries working on a novel about the orphan trains and my teacher actually decided to bind it and publish it when I had finished. I still am very close to those characters I have created, and having that first book bound made me realize that I was truly meant to get my word out to the world. Carol Ann: If your life was a book, what would be the tag line? Ashley: If my life was a book the tagline would be: “Beauty from Pain – How One Woman Turned Her Life Around”, no matter how melodramatic that sounds. I have been through a lot, but I finally feel like I am at a place where I am bettering myself and helping those around me do the same. Carol Ann: What advice would you give new writers? Ashley: I would tell new writers to make sure that you never lose sight of your love for writing through the harsh process of actually getting published. I definitely lost my passion for a while, but once I got it back I knew that I could never do that again. Don’t lost your love through the process of marketing and receiving reviews that may be less than favorable. Also, love and support your fellow authors, don’t treat them as competition. There is more than enough room in this world for new authors, and to be an author doesn’t mean you have to put another author out in order to be known. Carol Ann: What has been the worst mistake you have made in your writing career? Ashley: Oh man, I would probably have to say purchasing things for publishing that people conned me out of. I feel stupid for having purchased “marketing services” that never came through. Just always be aware of who you are purchasing from. Carol Ann: What is the best moment you have had with a fan? Ashley: The best moment I have ever had with a fan was when a young girl told me that she thought my first novel, “Beautiful Nightmare”, was bound to be a classic. It warmed my heart to hear someone say that they liked my work enough to consider it a classic. I have always wanted to touch people through my writing, and I am so glad to see it happening. Thank you Ashley Marie Nestler for taking the time to chat with us! I look forward to brilliant reviews on your blog as well as exciting new ideas from Go Indie Box.

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