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Author Interview - Heidi Angell

Dr. Anne Hutchins took in a deep breath of air and released it again. It was crisp and clean, something you couldn't find in a busy city. RRNA was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, she was the doctor. She chuckled under her breath at her logic and the new acronym she had just made, RRNA, Rest; Relaxation; Nature; and Adventure. There would definitely be a use for that somewhere in her practice. She pushed the mental note out of her mind, handing the rental company attendant her credit card to pay for the kayak she had reserved.

Placing her hands on her hips, she smiled at the view. Today was the perfect day. It was still early and the water was relatively still, the moon reflecting its glow off the surface. Even if she wasn't the first one out, she knew this area held more than enough places, hidden gems you might say, for all to find.

There was a certain satisfaction, almost an instant gratification, that came with the first paddle breaking through the water, sending ripples of tiny waves to break the glass illusion. As always, she knew where she was going. The one person vessel cast off towards a series of caves and alcoves cut deep into the stone.

She stopped paddling. It was time. This was a sight she wasn't going to miss. The sun was beginning to crown over the top of one of the higher rock formations. Its rays illuminated the reds and golds of the clay that the entire landscape was made of. For a moment, the light and dark met. White fluffy clouds floated in a sea of purples, oranges and reds in the sky, the lake acting as a mirror of the same image. The sight was breathtaking. It made her whole trip worth taking, even though it had just begun.

Taking some time to admire the rock formations, she continued paddling down narrow river­ways. There was a certain humbling feeling that accompanied the sight of how water had carved it's name into the foundation throughout the years. It reminded her of exactly how insignificant we, as people, are in the never ending cycle of nature.

Finding a sandy alcove well tucked away, she pulled the kayak ashore. A small bundle of sage fell out of her cross­body bag. She smiled. Lighting the dried leaves, she made a circle of smoke around her head. She closed her eyes, inhaling the tangy scent, allowing each breath to resonate in her soul, cleansing her spirit. She could see her path forming before her. Now she was ready to follow it, to assume the role of guide for Clear. It was the role that she had been created for. It was the path that was written for her in The Clear Angel Chronicles.­Angell/e/B005IOYLLM

Heidi Angell, bibliophile, lexicomaniac and wordsmith, is the author of the paranormal detective series The Clear Angel Chronicles and has graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

Carol Ann: What genre would you say the book falls into? Heidi: The series is marketed as a paranormal detective thriller, but I have had reviewers refer to it as a paranormal romance, a detective thriller with paranormal elements, a paranormal thriller, a procedural with paranormal elements, and a whodunit. All of those elements feature prominently in the stories and depending on where the reader is coming from, determines how they describe the series.

Carol Ann: Are there any trigger warnings and/or explicit content readers should know about? Heidi: Yes, although I would say that the content is no more graphic than Law and Order. There is murder (though we do not see the murders, we do see the aftermath in detail. For the human murders there is very little mess, but there are pet murders that make a lot of readers cry.) There is also a romantic scene at the end that though not explicit, is pretty evident of what happened.

Carol Ann: Who is your favourite character in the book and why? Heidi: Goodness, this is difficult. As much as I love Clear and Grant, I would have to say that Dr. Anne Hutchins is my favorite. She is just so stalwart and always willing to be the person that others need her to be.

She is very much a chameleon. To her patients she is kind and soothing, to Grant she is tough and determined. She teases and torments the sheriff. For Clear she is the best friend, scientist, supporter, and coach. A very versatile character.

"As Clear prepared the drinks, she was once again grateful for Anne’s tutelage. Six months ago she had known almost nothing of wines and liquors. Anne had instructed her thoroughly in the finer points of entertaining in her preparation to front the ranch." Angel's Dance pg 2.

Carol Ann: If your character was allowed one chance to say anything to your readers, what would he/she say? Heidi: "Life isn't as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. Love yourself. Love those near you. Everything else will work itself out. Also, if Grant hurts Clear, you know I'm the one who killed him."

Carol Ann: If your character could donate to any charity, which one would he/she choose? Heidi: She can only choose one? I could see her donating to Doctors without Borders and Operation Smile (time and money).

Carol Ann: Have you written any other books? Heidi: I have also written an urban fantasy series, The Hunters, and the first in a four part YA contemporary fiction series, The Hell School Series, based on my experience being stalked in high school.

Carol Ann: Do you have any special mentions? (Editor, cover art etc...) Heidi: A huge thank you to my editors Wendy Sampson and Megan Elliott. They are both amazing and wonderful women!

Carol Ann: What is next for you? Anything in the works? Heidi: I am participating in Camp Nano and wrapping up the sequel in The Hunters series, The Hunted, which is due out this summer.

Interested in finding out more? You can follow Heidi on her Social Media! Website Twitter Facebook Youtube Amazon

Thank you Heidi Angell for taking the time to visit with us! For more information on being interviewed please visit my <a Ask the Author Group on facebook

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