Author Interview - RJ Davies Mornix

March 31, 2016


The normal hustle and bustle of the big city seemed far away. The beginnings of a dawn on the

horizon kissed the dark skies. A breeze cooled the sweat trickling down her face. Being in a fit

condition wasn't good enough. She needed to be better ... stronger, and so she ran. While most of

the world still hid their heads in their pillows, this is where you could find Dice Maddox Private

Investigator. That is if she ran off the pages of R.J. Davies Mornix's book, Maddox Files: Back to



I had the privilege of interviewing my fellow Canadian author this past week. Growing up in

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, R. J. Davies Mornix has always been an avid Science Fiction

and Fantasy fan. Even at the tender age of eight, she dreamed of becoming a published



Maddox Files takes place in Toronto, Ontario, the place where she met her husband

Dave Mornix, who also doubles as president of her fan club. His support has been

monumental in Rhonda's Journey to fulfilling her dreams.


Along with her husband, two sons, Davey and Denziel, and their two cats, Rhonda

returned to her roots, making Sault Ste. Marie her residence. Now, a normal day consists

of writing plots, conversations, and scenes in ratty notebooks, napkins, and slips of torn-
up, coffee­stained envelopes.


When asked why she writes, her answer is, "It's a need, really, like breathing ... I have to

do it."


You can find her novel, Maddox Files: Back to Business at the following locations: Barnes & Noble Chapters/Indigo/Coles Kobo Balboa Press


“A 26 year old Dice Maddox living in Toronto, Ontario struggles with her failing love life and a

career she doesn't love deciding to get back into a business she was once good at. Ryan Winters

her first client was a confirmed bachelor until he had a small car accident, a woman named Lily

Winters claims to have been married to him for 6 months. Digging deeper into Lily Winters, Dice

soon discovers that she isn't who she says she is but wait what is she? A demon? An alien? Will

Dice Maddox first case back be her last?”




Carol Ann: Are there any trigger warnings and/or explicit content I should know about?

R. J. Davies Mornix: No nothing explicit a character may swear once of twice in the

book but that is the extent of it.


Carol Ann: What genre would you say the book falls into?

R. J. Davies Mornix: Private Investigation/Science Fiction

There are some side plots for the series itself. Someone thought it fell into the Romance

Science Fiction category I almost fell over when I heard that. I would not consider myself

a Romance writer in any measures. I love people and I love telling stories about people

and Dice Maddox has her stories that need to be told. I would say it falls into the Private

Investigation Fiction or Science Fiction spectrum.


Carol Ann: Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

R. J. Davies Mornix: Dice Maddox Private Investigator, because she reminds me of me

when I was her age. There are definitely differences but we have some core values that are similar.

Her parents died when she was five in a car accident. Dice was raised by, her aunt Sophie who

wasn’t the maternal type. Leaving Dice to become very independent at a young age. I was very

independent at a young age but my circumstances were very different. I grew up in a single parent

home and I was the oldest of three. When I was in my twenties I never planned on having kids or

settling down. I met my husband at 29. I think she finds herself in Book One.



Carol Ann: Please describe him/her/they a) physically b) their personality.

R. J. Davies Mornix: She is stronger than she realizes, she has a good heart and she is very

loyal. She gets to a point where she dances around what she wants but knows what she doesn’t

want. Taking a step in the direction of owning her own business and getting into what she loves

most helps revitalizes her. She is physically fit but she runs every morning. Her personality

determined, wants to find the truth. She has a soft spot for those she lets in her life. Her ex­fiancé

cheated on her twice but she still talks to him and they are friends. She wants him to be happy too.

She loves a good adventure when chasing after the truth for a client. Fearless.


Carol Ann: Are there any quotes from your book that capture the essence of Dice Maddox's


R. J. Davies Mornix:

“So what are you celebrating?” he asked gently.

“Got rid of my boyfriend, a job I didn’t like and opening my own business,” she smiled proudly.

“Sounds like someone has been busy kiddo,” his words sounded like he was purring, soft and


She looked at him and smiled, “kiddo? What am I five?”

“I wished I didn’t have this morning meeting or I would join you,” Mr. Larke was standing behind

her. She felt her insides dance around.

Skip your meeting a little voice in the back of her mind sang in a little singsong voice. He stood

behind her. She closed her eyes, inhaled the crisp cool air ... opened her eyes and shoved the

thoughts of wondering how Sean Larke would look dipped in chocolate ... just chocolate and

nothing else.

Thank God people didn’t come with thought bubbles over their heads, she would never be allowed

to leave home.

“Well thank you for that very chauvinistic point of view. Because I have a vagina I should be at

home and pregnant? You know they had a little movement not too long ago that allows women out

of the house for a few hours a day.” She glared at him.


Carol Ann: Do you have any upcoming events you would like your readers to know about?

R. J. Davies Mornix:Book Signing Party in Sault Ste. Marie at the end of April.


Carol Ann: What is next for you? Do you have anything in the works?

R. J. Davies Mornix: This is book one of so far a 7 book series there could be more

The first four are already written. The others are outlined.

Book two will be out before Christmas this year.

Book Two­ Maddox Files: Blurred Lines

Book Three – Maddox Files: Down the Rabbit Hole

Book Four – Maddox Files: The Watchers

Book Five ­ Maddox Files: The Light Snuffer


Carol Ann: Is there anyone else who contributed to the book you would lie to mention?

R. J. Davies Mornix: Editors were Jane Omollo and Diane Davies

Cover Design and logo Pennina­Lynn Cobb of Penny C. Designs

My book trailer was created by Dave Mornix of DAM Insights and the music written by my

youngest son Denziel Mornix (Denziel the Best) and performed by Denziel and his brother Dave

Mornix Jr.


Looks like we are out of time. Thank you Rhonda for visiting with us today! Readers can follow

R.J Davies Mornix via social media.


Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube


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