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A Haunted Giveaway.

It's been a few days since my meeting with Charles Bizarro. I'm not sure even now that it has fully sunken in what transpired that evening. Let's face it, it was more like a scene from a horror flick than a business engagement. Never-the-less, I have no desire to get on his bad side. Better safe than sorry is a good motto, especially, in this case. That leaves me with a giveaway to create. Well, actually two giveaways. Here goes nothing; THE PRIZES Here is what I am being offered by Bizarro to give away. Codes to his ticket site that when inputted will give you two (2) tickets to Bizarro's Factory of Fear located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. You can pick from all dates they are open in the 2016 season. Value per prize is a maximum of $30.00. Grand Prize VIP pass for the winner plus ten (10) friends (that's 11 tickets altogether) for a special haunted evening to take place on any evening the Haunt is not regularly scheduled to be open. Sorry it cannot be on Halloween. You will need to book the date as soon as possible (by September 29th at the latest). Here's what you get: entrance to the haunt and all attractions. A spfx makeup demo A private ghost tour of the property (I have been informed of multiple deaths have occurred throughout the history of the property) A campfire with spooky stories (hot chocolate and smores included) These VIP Passes are valued at $1,000.00 each. Prizes are awarded “as is” and have no cash value. If you win 'em you use 'em or you don't! That is your choice! HOW TO WIN SOCIAL MEDIA GIVEAWAY (Portal Prophecies) I can have some fun with this! First, let me start by saying, following my social media is a good idea if you want to win. I am not forcing you, but it will be easier. I have a bunch of codes. Each code (prize) is for two (2) tickets to the haunt anytime you choose (from dates open) in the 2016 season (the contest duration). At the start of the contest I will be giving away a minimum of one prize per week and a maximum of six per month. So, some weeks I may giveaway two prizes if the participation warrants. For the month of March a maximum of three (3) prizes that will be drawn. Draws will take place once per week from March 18 to the last week of September 2016. There will be one Grand Prize (VIP Pass) draw that will occur on a date in September 2016 to be announced. Ballots from events (as mentioned below) that do not have a dedicated VIP draw will be added to the Social Media VIP draw. There will be multiple ways to enter. Individuals can enter as many times as they wish. All entries received will be valid for all draws that occur after the date entered, including the grand prize draw. I will randomly post on my social media ways for individuals to have their name entered during the contest duration. Ways to enter may be posted on any form of social media including the forums of the portal prophecy website and my ask the author group on goodreads. It is up to individuals to find the information on ways to enter themselves. Announcement of all winners will be made via youtube video. Several draws may be combined into one video. Announcements of video release dates and postings will be made on facebook and twitter. All winning codes will be delivered via facebook or email. It is your responsibility to provide a form of contact for this. CHARLES BIZARRO EVENT GIVEAWAY As this suggests, Charles Bizarro will be present at events and doing his own giveaway. This is completely separate from my social media giveaway. The prizes are the same, however there will be at least three (3) VIP Passes between all events the Portal Prophecies attends between March and September 2016. One will be drawn from entries received at Toronto Comiccon One will be drawn from entries received at Niagara Falls Comiccon One will be drawn from entries received at Word on the Street Toronto. The ballots from all other events which take place before October 1, 2016, will be added to the social media draw for the VIP Pass. Charles Bizarro, at his sole discretion, may choose to add more VIP draws if he sees fit, depending on the number of entries received. There will be a minimum of five (5) draws each for a code that is good for two (2) tickets to the haunt in the 2016 season per event. Draws will occur during the two weeks following each event. All draws, including the combined event and social media draw for a VIP pass will take place no later than September 27, 2016 (the final draw). No entries will be accepted after that draw has been made. RULES Everything ends on the last day of September 2016! Winners are responsible for: abiding by all rules and regulations of the Haunt checking to see if they are winners and following up if they do not receive a code (in case they are lost in cyberspace) inputting the codes and printing out their tickets. travel to and from the haunt. (Hamilton, Ontario. Canada) checking the haunt's website and asking any questions they may have before entering. We are NOT responsible for: lost entries if you didn't “pick up” your codes online or print them out. the weather (you picked your day) anything in the fine print (make sure you read it) Legal By entering the Contest, entrants agree: a) to assign their intellectual property rights to Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner and permit Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner to use the photos and/or videos in any media, including the Internet, for any purpose whatsoever. b) to irrevocably assign and transfer to the Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner and its agents, licensees and assignees all rights in the Video, including, without limitation, all copyrights; grant to the Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner and its agents, licensees and assigns the right to reproduce, publish, broadcast/use, adapt, delete, edit and/or modify the Video in any manner or format, for any programming, publicity, advertising and promotional purposes, and in any and all media worldwide in perpetuity, in all languages and versions, and without additional consideration, Contestant unconditionally assigns and transfers all ideas, concepts, copyrighted materials and trademarks contained in the Video and any and all rights including moral rights in the Video to Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner and its agents, licensees and assigns. Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner and its agents, licensees and assigns have the right to use, assign, modify, edit, adapt, dispose, and electronically alter the Video, including but not limited to, for moral rights, to appear in promotional and/or commercial materials, as well as to reproduce them, in whole or in part, without compensation or additional consent from me or any third party. (Man that's a mouthful!) c) that prizes are awarded “as is” and have no cash value. Once you win them you use them or don't use them that's your choice. d) that transportation to and from the event are the responsibility of the contestant (winner of tickets). The venue is located in Hamilton, Ontario. e) that prizes are for tickets to a haunted attraction located in Hamilton Ontario and are valid only for the October 2016 season. f) that the Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner are not responsible for an injury you may occur from collecting a prize, or anything thereafter. The Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner agree not to apply a curse the prize in any way. Contestants are responsible for their own bad luck that may occur from time to time after entering and/or winning this contest. g) That the Sponsor/Author/Haunt owner are only agreeing to provide codes for free tickets as prizes. After the codes have been provided to winners, their role is deemed to be completed in connection with the giveaway. The Sponsor/Author is not responsible for anything that may happen after the codes have been sent in connection with attending the event. In this regard the contestants also agree to follow social media to see if they have won any prize. The Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner may send codes to them through their facebook, twitter or email accounts as they deem fit. Names of all winners will also be announced on Youtube. The onus is on the contestant to contact the Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner if they have been announced as a winner and have not received their codes. The Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner is not responsible for unclaimed prizes. h) Everything about this contest is to be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. i) That the Sponsor/Author/Haunt Owner is NOT responsible for negativity in the lives of winners/contestants, including but not limited to; loss of limb, decapitation, mutilation, death, loss of property, marriage breakdown, divorce, pregnancy, cavities, broken nails, paper-cuts, acne, hair loss, voice loss, disease, zombie bites, vampire bites, werewolf infection, pig man attacks, major organ loss, heart attack, miscarriage, lung collapse, scrapes, cuts or bruises, stubbed toes, poisoning, chainsaw mishaps, shark bites, stabbings, wayward gun shots, exam or test failures, loss of job, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, dog attacks, squirrel attacks, loss of memory or other ailment/problem/bad thing that may happen after being declared a winner. Entrants who do not agree to this should not enter this Contest.

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