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When Leaves Fall

Ralph wakes up to what others only experience in a nightmare. Chained to a shed, he has no idea where he is, or who his captor is. His memories are blurred at best. As the days press on, he finds himself experiencing a roller coaster of feelings. Hunger, thirst and pain become his only companions. Flashbacks of a happier time are all he has to keep him going. As his situation deteriorates, he finds himself doubting he ever had the very thing he wants most - a family.

When Leaves Fall is a dramatic thriller with a twist. Keep the tissue box close for the ending.

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Miracles Not Included

Award winning author C.A. King presents Miracles Not Included, a heartfelt romantic story about: life; love; loss; and learning to love again.

If only life came with instructions and a warning label ~ Miracles Not Included.


Chris was born to be a writer. Even the smallest of details couldn't pass without notice, often becoming part of a plot for her next novel. The one thing she never saw coming was her husband's sudden illness.

Jason loved his wife from the moment they met. Nothing could ever change that – nothing except the death sentence he'd been handed, a terminal cancer diagnosis.

His story was ending: Hers was starting a new chapter and more than one miracle was needed to turn the page.

Twisted tales of a dead end street

Nine neighbours were invited to the mysterious dinner party at 9 Nine Street. Their host, the owner of the mansion, had more planned for the evening than just roast beef.When the secret of their quiet street was revealed, everything changed, blurring the lines between the tangible and the paranormal.Was the number nine the difference between life and death? Would any of them survive long enough to uncover the truth?They would each soon find out this wasn't a simple case of who-done-it so much as one of what was being done and by whom.


Magic and structure were the foundations of her existence. Temptation controlled the ability to destroy everything she knew. The world of men held a powerful allure over her heart, waking that which had long been dormant. It enticed her, snagging her in a web of emotions.A decision had to be made. Was feeling love for the first time worth sacrificing magic and immortality?

Shot through the heart-
a faerie tale
Sometimes love stinks

What's in a name? Everything when it's laughable. Gastrella M. Balance was living a never-ending nightmare. For several years, she'd been the butt of jokes about... her butt. Moving to Knollville was a chance for a fresh start. It was a place where no one knew her past, or her name and she was determined to keep both a secret. Her strategy was to stay under the radar and as inconspicuous as possible. That plan, however, went south the first time she laid eyes on Tanner. When he noticed her, too, she couldn't help but hope for a bit of romance, no matter how far fetched it seemed.


Tanner had everything a guy could ask for in his senior year of high school. He had a football in one hand and a pretty girl hanging off the other arm. Being popular and the center of attention came naturally to him. Taking tests, however, did not and he was desperate to keep that part of his life to himself.When a series of pranks go awry, they'll both be faced with confronting their personal anxieties. Together, they might have a chance to overcome the odds and survive the year.Sometimes Love Stinks is a romantic comedy that deals with issues that are both real and difficult. While the main characters in this story are from the mundane world, readers can expect to find the signature supernatural kiss C.A. King adds to all her books.

in a heart beat

The strongest feelings can restart a vampire's heart for a few beats. Rage, however, is the only one Seth finds truly satisfying. A simple bar fight takes that emotion off the plate, tossing him into a pit reserved strictly for society's most shunned. There is one exception: a mysterious woman. Figuring out her story could be the key to his salvation.

red dot capers

For Jack Russell, attorney-at-law, life was all about work. He'd pledged to hide his true self, becoming as human as the next person. Living life as a lie came with its rewards and dangers, though. After years of suppression, a red dot lured his shifter side to the surface. There was only one way to save face—Anger Management Classes.


To Sarah Sorry appearances mean everything...
that is until her whole universe turns upside down.

Anyone who says being a teenager is easy, lies. It’s even worse when seemingly uncontrollable abilities appear out of nowhere. Puberty is one thing, but what her body is doing—no one ever taught in health class.

That is the exact moment Sarah’s life changes forever, or perhaps it’s because of a talking beaver's demands for waffles and maple syrup. Either way, things are never going to be the same again.

As a new heroine on the horizon, she is bound to make a plethora of mistakes and you can bet your bottom dollar she’ll be Super Sorry for each and every one of them.

In search of loch lilies

You can always go home... at least that’s how the saying goes.

When Harold Moray’s life falls to pieces, he decides it’s time to head to the one place he’d always found happiness. What he discovers, however, isn’t the same playful home of memories past. In fact, he’s labelled a gold digger the moment he steps foot inside the aging castle.

There is no question his grandfather's health is deteriorating, but when the man disappears altogether, questions arise. A mystery is afoot and Harold will have to rely on his own recollections to solve it. That’s not an easy task when the world already branded him guilty of murder. There’s no one to turn to except one imaginary friend from his childhood.
She’s a mermaid. He’s a man. Things quickly start to heat up, leaving them with two questions to answer: What happened to Ichawest Moray, and does love really conquer all?

Wendigo Forest

Myths—legends—stories—they all amounted to one thing: half-truths. Through evolution things changed. Revealing false information became a profession trusted only to a select few. Sometimes, however, the unknown preferred anonymity.

The Fawns researched the unusual on a daily basis. That didn’t mean everyone in the family was happy with the lifestyle. Scars came in a number of varieties and Clara Fawn carried them all, visible or not. No one ever questioned them or her before. That was about to change...

Somewhere along the line, moving became as common as Sunday night dinner. Some bites were good, others not quite as palatable. Their new hometown overflowed with strange myths. Not waiting to hear them before entering the woods was the last mistake any of them would make.

The Wendigo were out there, waiting...

Switching Gears

In a single moment, the world changed forever, albeit, life persisted. Cities were rebuilt—society reconstructed—history forgotten. Drivers with vehicles, meshed together from scraps, raced in badlands to decide right from wrong, rich from poor. Only the strong came out on top. Only the just could win.

Amidst it all, one junior mechanic took centre stage—a search for parts leading him to a new understanding of not only himself, but the world as well.

A fairy came to his rescue, saving his life, but in exchange left doubt in his mind. Could one race alter the future? Was winning all that mattered? What came next?

Violet Haze

Acts of the past can affect current generations in ways the world can’t begin to fathom, for magic knows no time. Unfortunately, not all of history was recorded—some became lore—nothing more than stories whispered from the mouths of parents to babes. Modern times changed even that. Family splits over the ages left such tales to fall on deaf ears.

There are no guidelines when dealing with the unknown—rules aren’t meant to be followed when secrets of the past are revealed.

It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be fun. It wasn’t supposed to involve Dragons or Mages...

Violet’s search for her biological parents was dead in the water. Turning over rocks only led to one roadblock after another. In a moment of frustration, she did what any girl would: she sent away her DNA in a kit to find answers. Little did she know, nothing was going to prepare her for where this family tree led.

Creatures of the Night

When the black mist came, everything changed.

An unusual anomaly in outer space opened portals. A black mist poured through, bringing something along with it. War fell upon the human race.

Generations later the fighting continued...

Zoe spent her whole life training how to fight monsters and demons—how to kill them. Not once did that curriculum include falling in love with one. Now, she’s faced with a hard choice: betray one to save the other.

Will she side with the family and friends who have always been at her side, or trade it all for the romance she so deeply desires?

Odds are, no matter which path she follows, her heart won’t make it out unscathed.

The Devil's Daughter

Ghost Hunters had it wrong.

The Johnson brothers were living in the limelight, seeking out proof of the paranormal in front of the public eye. Fame, fortune, and success came hand in hand with evidence. Answers were worth their weight in gold. The trio had no idea they were asking all the wrong questions... until she appeared.

Pretty dresses and jewels meant nothing when all she wanted was respect. The moment Vallenna spiralled down a black hole, everything she knew turned upside down. It was the chance she’d been waiting her whole life for.

Born to rule two realms, but accepted by neither, the devil’s daughter is determined to leave her mark on both. Can the brothers stop her diabolical plans with only charisma and raw animal magnetism at their disposal?

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