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Do Not Open Until Halloween

When eighteen year old Caitlin agreed to babysit her eccentric Aunt's two cats and house, she had no idea that Justin was finally going to ask her for a date the same weekend. Torn between family and crush, she chose to take her best friends' suggestion to heart, arranging a small Friday night gathering. Little did she know a fairy was about to crash the party with trouble hot on her wings

Caitlin will have to dig deep to find even a smidgen of belief in magic or there won't be any hope of saving her new friend from being hunted.

In this young adult fantasy, award-winning author, C.A. King, explores the answer to one of the questions readers have always wanted to ask...

Where do fairies come from?

Holiday Collection






For centuries, families gathered throughout the holiday season to hear recitals of the famous words of Dr. Clement C. Moore’s ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and celebrate the long awaited return of Santa. His jovial generosity became synonymous with all that was Merry and bright. Then everything changed.

This year, the gatherings are sharing their own Christmas story. Merry Apocalypse includes the telling of a new traditional tale that echoes the tone and rhythm of familiar poetry, but instead of joy and bliss, contains warnings of danger and death.

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