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Grave Digger Academy





There is a reason why people don’t believe in monsters and it’s not because zombies, vampires, mummies, and ghosts don’t exist...

Welcome to Grave Digger Academy- the last place anyone wants to end up.


It's Makaya's first year in the paranormal academy system. When all three of the schools she applies to deny her entry, there's only one left. Unfortunately, she's more interested in finding a way out of Grave Digger Academy than in learning its curriculum.

Gravediggers actually do the digging. Grave Diggers, however, keep buried bodies where they belong—six feet under.

This year’s students are about to learn corpses can be temperamental, and when the dead refuse to cooperate, there’s Hell to pay.

grave digger academy ii

More information coming soon!

grave digger academy iii

More information coming soon!

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