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They aren't zombies.
They aren't the walking dead.
They are something else...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back for seconds...
Evil Sushi turns the tables, putting meat back on the menu.


Two down-on-their-luck East Coast fishermen make the discovery of a lifetime—one that could solve world hunger once and for all. They find themselves fast-tracked on a quest to alter lives around the globe. Their discovery changes things, there's no doubt about it, but not in the way they hoped.

Is Evil Sushi fiction, the ramblings of a lunatic, or a prophecy as to what may come to pass? Pick this one up and decide for yourself.

Evil Foods






Sashimi is all about the quality of the fish. Only the best make the cut...

A storm was coming, brewing faster than a bubbling cauldron. People were missing; ghost towns popping up along coastlines. Strange creatures lurked in the shadows, the screams of their victims heard, but the carnage rarely seen. Still, the government and military refused to believe nature was their foe, insisting terrorism was to blame.

The once picturesque fishing town of Treacle was gone; lost to research after being commandeered by a General. Whatever the cause, the oceans had turned deadly, and the virus responsible was spreading inland. They needed a cure and fast. Unfortunately all they had learned so far was the mutations in some people were much more extensive than others.

A radical decision was called for, but would it be the right choice? Pick up a copy of Sashimi and find out for yourself.



Feel the heat of Wasabi.


It's not just a topping.

It’s not just a plant.

It’s something else entirely.

And this time, no one is safe...


Inhale if you must, but forewarned, your body is the fair. This spicy green plant is riding the nasal passage roller coaster and grating its victims from the inside for that extra tasty tidbit of flavour.

Wasabi is bringing the burn and making eyes water.

Is Evil Sushi fiction, the ramblings of a lunatic, or a prophecy as to what may come to pass? Pick up the whole series and decide for yourself.



These chili peppers are bringing the heat. The world needs a hero to douse their flames. The question is: does anyone have the stomach for it?

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Sweltering heat and a lack of air conditioning proved otherwise. Things literally started sliding downhill fast when a tremor hit, knocking their tour bus off the road. A mismatched group of sightseers found themselves standing at the bottom of the archaeological find of the century. It might not have been listed on the itinerary, but ancient Aztec Gardens were the perfect place to wait for a rescue.

No one noticed until they were safely home--they all brought back more from their trips than just souvenirs...

There's a reason customs asks if travellers have any plants, fruits or vegetables to declare: governments already know--some are pure evil.



Who doesn’t love a juicy, ripe strawberry?

There was no warning. One day the world was normal, the next, the age of the virus was upon them. With death tolls rising, governments were forced to dole out more research funds than candy on Halloween. All she wanted was a piece of the pie.

Urina Thandal’s work continually went unrecognized. Human trials were the only thing standing between her and the respect she deserved. A cure was in her grasp, but permission to move forward wasn’t forthcoming. Rules and regulations were strangling her genius, all while people continued to suffer.

She needed a way around the red tape—a way to distribute her discovery without raising any alarms—something almost everyone could access.

It might have been better if she hadn’t found it.

Is Strawberry Fields Dismembered fiction, the ramblings of a lunatic, or a prophecy as to what may come to pass? Pick this one up and decide for yourself.

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