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A Cursed By The Gods Story





peach colored daisies

He couldn't die. An ancient curse meant she always did. This time, that was going to change - one way or another.When Daisy's last living relative, her grandmother, passes away, she doesn't know where to turn. Things go from bad to worse when a local psychic tells her about a curse. Alone and confused, she ends up in front of her college professor's office, ready to cry her heart out in his arms.Matt Demi might be the son of a God, but he's living the life of a cursed man. He's had to watch the woman he loves die on her twenty-first birthday countless times. Nothing he does seems to be able to affect the outcome. When she shows up at his office scared out of her wits by a psychic's prediction, he vows this time will be different.With only three days, Matt will need to embrace a side of him he swore off long ago to save her, but will he lose himself in the process?

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