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The Portal Prophecies Series

A Keeper's Destiny


What if the World as you know it wasn't the only World? What if all the creatures you have heard about in stories did exist? The Portal Prophecies follows an ancient race sworn not only to protect all creation in different realms in existence, but to keep them separate from each other as well. When a battle ends badly, it's up to Willow and her friends to step in. But can these young teens discover their hidden past, overcome the deception of their leaders, decipher the prophecies, and save lives in countless worlds or will they be too late?

A Halloween's Curse



Why do prophecies have to speak in riddles? Willow's destiny led her to a whole book of them. If that wasn't bad enough a gypsy witch shows up and utters words that made even less sense. Was it a curse or another prediction?

With Mike still missing, and Halloween approaching quickly Willow will need all of her friends to help connect the events of the past with the present or there may not be a future. King Cornelius' plan to dominate every realm is woven into the mystery that surrounds every corner they turn. Following the clues will lead them on a journey through the spookiest time of the year.







Willow and her friends are back and find themselves under the scrutiny of the magical inhabitants of the main world. Everyone seems to be against them including the directors, the mayor and Keith Quidnunk, the intern journalist for 'The Empowered' newspaper who none of them have ever seen. At the same time Lance has asked for Willow's help but she will have to survive King Cornelius' wrath.
Join Willow and her friends to find out what wonders await them as they explore frozen lands. Can they save Santa and Christmas from destruction? Can they avoid being sanctioned by the magical community?





It’s the final meeting of the camp before Willow and her friends find themselves whisked away to different schools hidden all over the main world. When Cassandrhea Tibbins interrupts, changes in plans are set in motion. With ‘The Empowered’ newspaper, run by the Quidnunks, continuing to pipe out damaging articles about Willow, there is no choice but to hide her from everyone. Never has she felt so isolated and helpless. It will take all of Willow’s strength to muster enough courage to face old and new enemies without the support of her allies.

This fourth book of the Portal Prophecies series, delves deep into the understanding of magic and self-discovery. The plot continues to twist and turn as Cornelius’ ideas dive further into madness. Will Willow be able to handle this new pressure of hiding everything about herself from assassins, reporters, and new enemies or will she end up on the run from everyone? Will she be able to figure out the meaning of the latest prophecy alone?


With Hilary gone, Willow finds herself at the mercy of the elves. There is some strange connection between the elves and recent events. The elf realm holds so many answers she so desperately needs. It won't be easy though. Strict rules have been broken and someone needs to pay the price. In her journey to discovery, she is guaranteed to meet new friends and find new adventures. Unfortunately, there is also a new enemy lurking in the shadows. Can the prophecies help her this time? Will anyone rally to her side?


Meanwhile in the main world, Malarchy sets his sights on Hilary's old job. Can he use new found power to help Willow and the rest of the camp? Or will he side with Kasper and the other directors? Don't count King Cornelius out either. He's guaranteed to have his hand in something sinister.


This fifth book of the Portal Prophecies series, is jam packed with fast paced adventure that you won't want to miss. Finally, Willow's past is beginning to make sense. The only problem is figuring out what is real and what is not. Can Willow take things as she perceives them? A wrong choice could potentially be deadly.



The cards are stacked against Willow. Two evil kings seek destruction; The Department of Secrecy wants to imprison her; the memory potion has everyone in disarray; and she is running low on allies. Can she overcome the odds and bring balance back to the realms? It all comes down to one final battle – winner takes all.


When it's all said and done, who will be left standing? This epic conclusion to The Portal Prophecies series will provide all the answers readers are itching to know.

Tomoiya's Story

Escape To Darkness

This series is the perfect addition to any Vampire fan's collection.

Space travel. To some it is an advancement; a way to meet new races, learn new traditions; explore new cultures - a chance to expand the mind with knowledge of the unknown. To others, it is nothing more than a new outlet of resources to exploit and destroy. To the naive and trusting it is a recipe for disaster. The question of whether or not venturing into the realm of the stars is worthwhile, is a topic that will be argued for generations to come.

The Universe - vast and never ending. It recycles within itself. What happened before comes full circle and occurs again. Some call it fate - others destiny.

Two different ages - Two vampire princesses.

Two stories - one written in a book - the other about to begin.

Escape To Darkness tells the tale of Allaynie, a vampire whose tears are worth a fortune. A chance meeting on her wedding day changes her whole existence.
Woden, a man to whom greed is merely good business. Hunting is his trade. He'll do anything to collect her unique tears for profit, even chase her into darkness.

This novella explores an alternate explanation for the myths and legends that surround modern day Vampires and can be read as a stand alone story.

Collecting Tears

A Vampire's Tale

She had everything including a secret...

but, she wasn't the only one with something to hide.

Graduation as co-valedictorian of her high school class, along with her best friend Moira, was icing on the cake. There was no doubt, Tomoiya, a princess of a wealthy kingdom, was born for greatness. She had everything: intelligence; good looks; popularity; and a secret. Not even her closest friends were allowed to know she was a vampire.


One night was all it took to change everything. When celebrations turned deadly, Tomoiya was forced to come face-to-face with the realization she wasn't the only one amongst her peers with something to hide.


Tomoiya's stuck asking the question if she can ever trust anyone again and there is nobody to answer except herself.

Surviving The Sins

Answering The Call

The prophecies are being rewritten. This time someone is using the seven deadly sins: Lust; Gluttony; Greed; Sloth; Wrath; Envy; and Pride, to unlock an ancient evil. The book falls into Jade's hands to answer destiny's call. Can she survive the sins?


No one is safe when a witch's pride is at stake.

Prudance is back in Pewterclaw and she isn't about to give up her prestigious status without a fight - especially not because of vampires. As an eighth generation witch, she plans to do whatever it takes to stop the proposed new legislation from become law, including waking the dead for help.

Humility isn't in her vocabulary. With an ego spinning out of control and ancestral power at her fingertips, Prudance weaves a plot to keep Jade and Gavin separated. Will it be enough to satisfy the spirits she summoned?

When her pride costs more than she bargained for, someone has to pay the tab - but who will it be?

A Cursed By The Gods Story

Peach Coloured Daisies

He couldn't die. An ancient curse meant she always did. This time, that was going to change - one way or another.

When Daisy's last living relative, her grandmother, passes away, she doesn't know where to turn. Things go from bad to worse when a local psychic tells her about a curse. Alone and confused, she ends up in front of her college professor's office, ready to cry her heart out in his arms.

Matt Demi might be the son of a God, but he's living the life of a cursed man. He's had to watch the woman he loves die on her twenty-first birthday countless times. Nothing he does seems to be able to affect the outcome. When she shows up at his office scared out of her wits by a psychic's prediction, he vows this time will be different.

With only three days, Matt will need to embrace a side of him he swore off long ago to save her, but will he lose himself in the process?

Four Horsemen


Meet the four horsemen: Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael. For centuries their job has been to guard the gates of hell, making sure they never open. Without the keys, there was never any real threat. That's about to change. There are rumours on the horizon that demon followers unearthed scrolls that explain exactly how to find the lost keys. This new battle is a race to see which side locates them first.

Michael couldn't care less about the love story behind how and why the world was created. In fact, nothing matters to him other than keeping the gates to hell closed. If one of the lost keys ever fell into the wrong hands, all humanity would be doomed. He's not going to let that happen - at any cost.


Tara's life is nothing short of a disaster. She's managed to flunk out of college with about the same amount of dignity as every relationship she's been in. The only constant in her life has been her love for flowers. When she's attacked at work, a stranger comes to her aid. Michael might be good-looking, but he's also arrogant, bossy and crazy. He's also her only chance to figure out who attacked her and why. Should she follow her heart and trust him - or listen to her head and run?


When Leaves Fall

Ralph wakes up to what others only experience in a nightmare. Chained to a shed, he has no idea where he is, or who his captor is. His memories are blurred at best. As the days press on, he finds himself experiencing a roller coaster of feelings. Hunger, thirst and pain become his only companions. Flashbacks of a happier time are all he has to keep him going. As his situation deteriorates, he finds himself doubting he ever had the very thing he wants most - a family.

When Leaves Fall is a dramatic thriller with a twist. Keep the tissue box close for the ending.

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